45 Must Know Clothing and Shoe Hacks

Clothing is something that we use in our life every single day, and at times it can be a hassle. There are so many different things that can happen to your clothes. You can outgrow them, spill something on them, or accidentally shrink them in the dryer.

Instead of running to the department store the next time you have a clothing catastrophe, you must read this list first. The most common clothing problems can be solved with just a few simple hacks! Hacking your wardrobe will save you time and money. Skip the expensive stain removers and buying new clothes. You can make your current wardrobe look even better without spending a dime.

These clothing and shoe hacks are for both men and women alike. They are guaranteed to save you money and help you better your look for less. Many things like stain removers and fabric softener can be very expensive, and we teach you how to be thrifty with what you already have around the house.

This list contains the top 45 clothing and shoe hacks we know. Be prepared to change the way you think about clothes!

1. Hide a knotted shirt under a belt

This is a great way to get a unique and classy outfit.

clothing and shoe hacks knotted shirt

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2. Tuck non skinny jeans into boots

Non-skinny jeans can be difficult to tuck into a boots. Fix that by doing this simple trick!

clothing and shoe hacks tuck jeans

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3. Perfect shirt cuff

You have probably been doing this wrong your whole life! This is a much better way to cuff a shirt.

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4. Tuck in one half of your shirt

This one simple fashion hack can really make a difference.

clothing and shoe hacks tuck one half

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5. Fix shoes with a bike repair kit

Rubber is rubber, so a bike repair kit can fix holes in shoes!

clothing and shoe hacks bike repair kit

via: instructables


6. Keep boots wrinkle free with pool noodles

Who knew pool noodles could be this handy? Just cut a pool noodle in half and stick them in. Also keeps boots upright!

clothing and shoe hacks pool noodles

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7. Use deodorant to prevent heel blisters

Apply clear deodorant inside of your shoes to prevent heel blisters. It works by decreasing friction.

clothing and shoe hacks heel blisters

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8. Try a side tie

Instead of tying a shirt in the middle, why not tie it to the side to change things up?

clothing and shoe hacks side tie

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9. Master this simple tuck technique

Makes any outfit look more put together, and it is easy to do!

clothing and shoe hacks t shirt tuck

via: nymag


10. Stretch tight boots

Have a pair of leather boots that are too tight? Put on a pair of thick socks and blow dry them on high!

clothing and shoe hacks stretch boots

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11. Use Mr. Clean magic erasers on shoes

This is the best thing you can use to get dirt and grime off of shoes.

clothing and shoe hacks magic erasers

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12. Carry Quick Tips with you

Quick Tips make it easy to repair a busted heel. Carry them with you to prevent a disaster!

clothing and shoe hacks quick tips

via: gotoheel


13. Prevent sweat marks with lemon juice

Before you throw your sweaty clothes in the wash, spray them with a mix of lemon juice and water.

clothing and shoe hacks lemon juice clothing

via: topcleaningsecrets


14. Loosen up your leather jacket

Is your leather jacket too stiff? Just get it wet and stretch it out. Works like a charm!

clothing and shoe hacks stiff leather jacket

via: artofmanliness


15. Invest in a lint remover

Keep all of your clothes looking new by investing in a lint remover. They are under $10!

clothing and shoe hacks lint remover

via: walmart.com


16. Re-thread your hoodie string with a straw

Is the string in your hoodie not where it is supposed to be? Staple the string to a straw and pull it through

clothing and shoe hacks hoodie string straw

via: lifehacker


17. Fix stuck zippers with crayon

Is the zipper on your favorite hoodie stuck? Rub a crayon along both sides of the zipper. The wax helps it get unstuck.

clothing and shoe hacks crayon hoodie

via: thekrazycouponlady


18. Wash socks in a lingerie bag

Stop losing your socks! This is a great way to keep them all together

clothing and shoe hacks lingerie bag

via: nordstrom


19. Use safety pins to fix hoodie strings

Attach a safety pin to a hoodie string to get rid of bunching.

clothing and shoe hacks safety pin string

via: reddit


20. Un-shrink a sweater with water and hair conditioner

Is your favorite sweater shrunken and no longer fitting you? Put it in warm water and hair conditioner for a few minutes.

clothing and shoe hacks unshrink sweater

via: countryliving


21. Reduce the drying time of clothes

If you need a quick dry, roll up your wet clothes in a towel and squeeze them.

clothing and shoe hacks reduce drying

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22. DIY grass stain remover

Get rid of grass stains with one tablespoon of dish soap and two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide.

clothing and shoe hacks grass stains

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23. Get rid of foot smell with tea

Place dried tea bags inside your smelly shoes to get rid of the smell!

clothing and shoe hacks dry tea bags

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24. Clean suede shoes with bread

Remove stains on suede shoes using bread. Amazing!

clothing and shoe hacks bread dirt stains

via: about


25. DIY wine stain remover

Salt and club soda make an easy and effective stain remover. Saves money!

clothing and shoe hacks wine stain remover

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26. Remove acrylic paint stains

Have an acrylic paint stain or a paint stained child? Rubbing alcohol is the best paint remover.

clothing and shoe hacks paint

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27. Prevent high-heel pain by taping your toes

Are a bad pair of heels causing you pain? Try taping your third and fourth toes together.

clothing and shoe hacks tape toes

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28. Put dryer sheets in shoes

A great and quick way to get rid of foot odor!

clothing and shoe hacks dryer sheets

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29. Use white bread to get rid of lipstick stains

White bread can get rid of lipstick stains! Cut off the crusts, then roll it into a ball and dab away.

clothing and shoe hacks lipstick white bread

via: popsugar


30. Make clothes look new with a razor

Rubbing a razor on clothing can clean off all of the lint and hair. This will make clothing look new!

clothing and shoe hacks razor

via: wikihow


31. Repair flip flops instantly with super glue/water

Adding a little bit of water to super glue makes a quick drying glue solution that is perfect for flip flops.

clothing and shoe hacks superglue

via: youtube


32. Make old clothes smell fresh with vinegar

A mixture of vinegar and water is the perfect solution to make older clothes smell fresh.

clothing and shoe hacks smell fresh

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33. Get gum off of clothes easily

You can easily remove gum from clothing by freezing it and then scraping it off with a butter knife.

clothing and shoe hacks gum knife

via: wikihow


34. Dry clothes with a salad spinner

Easily dry hand-washed clothes quicker with a salad spinner.

clothing and shoe hacks salad spinner

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35. Keep denim dark with vinegar

Vinegar can keep dark denim actually dark, and it can prevent fading.

clothing and shoe hacks dark denim

via: about


36. Keep buttons safe with nail polish

Is a loose button threatening to fall off? Keep it in place with clear nail polish over the top of the button.

clothing and shoe hacks nail polish

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37. Prevent angora sweaters from shedding

Place an angora sweater in a bag and freeze it for three hours. Then shake it and remove from the bag. All of the loose hair will stay in the bag!

clothing and shoe hacks angora sweater

via: wikihow


38. Add lavender oil to your laundry

This makes your clothes smell fantastic. This also keeps them soft!

clothing and shoe hacks lavender oil

via: mindfulyogahealth


39. Alter jeans yourself

Don’t throw out those small jeans! You can alter them yourself.

clothing and shoe hacks alter jeans

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41. Or use a hair tie

This works too. Great for maternity wear!

clothing and shoe hacks jean rubber band

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42. Remove ink stains with hairspray

A cheap and effective way to get rid of those pesky ink stains.

clothing and shoe hacks ink stain

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43. DIY oil stain remover

WD40 and baking soda can remove oil stains from clothes.

clothing and shoe hacks baking soda and wd40

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44. Remove lipstick with shaving cream

Shaving cream can remove lipstick stains from clothing.

clothing and shoe hacks shaving cream

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45. And remember these charts for taking care of your clothes

Clothes are expensive. Remember these charts to take care of them properly!

clothing and shoe hacks chart 1 clothing and shoe hacks chart 2

via: scarves, topknot

What clothing and shoe hacks have come in handy for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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