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5 DIY Air Conditioners That Will Keep You Cool And Save Some Serious Green

Now that summer is here, it is starting to get hot. And that means you will be doing more to cool off. Unfortunately, that also means your AC will be running more. When your AC is running, your electric bill will start to rise. This can turn cooling off from the heat into an expensive activity.

So what can you do? Turn off the AC? That really isn’t an option. Just sitting in the summer heat is not something people want to do. Many people will gladly pay to be comfortable.

But there is a solution. You can save money and stay cool. You can make your very own air conditioner! This list contains five DIY air conditioners that you can make in your very own garage. They are cheap and even re-usable. Building a homemade air conditioner is a guaranteed way to save money and cool off from the summer heat. Some of these models will also work for camping and maybe even in your car.

Why not give one of these DIY air conditioners a try? You could be staying cool and cutting your electric bill this summer!
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1. Solar powered air cooler

Not only will this cool your house down this summer, but it does have a solar powered option, so you can save even more money than you normally would. This model is easy to build and can last up to 8 hours at a time. This is the perfect model to build even for the inexperienced.

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2. $8 air conditioner

This air conditioner can be made with $8, and is guaranteed to cool you down. This model requests PVC pipes, but you can substitute dryer vents which are even cheaper. Making this one can get messy because you need to cut Styrofoam, but it is easy to make.

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3. 5-gallon bucket cooler

This is the original of the DIY air conditioners. This one is a little more advanced, but it is sturdy and it does the job. This requires several tools and Styrofoam bucket liner, which can be found at Home Depot. And of course, you will need a five-gallon bucket.

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4. Styrofoam cooler

Out of all of the models above, this one is the easiest. It can be done for very little cash and requires few tools to do. In fact, you may have all of these items laying around your house right now. Like number one on this list, it can be converted into a solar powered cooler.

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5. Dry-ice bucket

I always love the ideas from the crazy Russian hacker. He never over-complicates things and makes the projects easy to follow. definitely check out his version here…

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Which of these DIY air conditioners are you going to try? Comment below with any other tips to stay cool!

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