Tshirt Repurposed

5 Fun Things To Do With An Old T-Shirt

Tshirt Repurposed

We have so many old t-shirts laying around! I swear they’re like rabbits; they just multiply. No matter how many times I clean out the closets or take a load to Goodwill, there are always more. But I’ve decided it’s ok. There are always fun DIY’s and hacks to do with them. These 5 are a good place to start!

Tees are a great thing to repurpose because they are cheap and we all have them. There are literally hundreds of things we can do with them! These 5 hacks are such fun ideas! I’ve seen the cat tent/bed before and I keep forgetting to make it. My little kitty would love it! I think the pillowcase ideas is my favorite. How perfect would that be when camping?

What are some other ways you have repurposed old tees? Tried any of these? Did you have a favorite? The Huffington Post has a few other ideas that you should check out. I love the purse! Find them all here.

Here’s the video with all 5 hacks… Enjoy!