50 DIY Mason Jar Gifts That Will Actually Impress Your Friends

There is no more creative or more thoughtful gift on earth than a custom made mason jar gift. Mason jar gifts make great gifts for all special occasions. For Christmas, you can put together hot cocoa mix in a jar. For birthdays, you can put together a custom mason jar with money or gift cards. You can even put together a housewarming present for new neighbors!

Mason jar crafts can be tricky, though. There is a reason not everyone does them! But we have made it simple for you. We have put together the top 50 mason jar gifts that are easy, creative, and thoughtful. Most of these gifts can be made with just ordinary things laying around your house! All you need to get started is a mason jar and a special occasion.

These crafts have become increasingly popular on sites like Pinterest, and if you ever wanted to do your own, now you can!

Our top 50 list of the best mason jar gifts will give you plenty of ideas and inspiration for whatever occasion you are planning!

1. Homemade bath bombs

These homemade bath bombs in a jar are the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Homemade bath bombs in a Mason Jar

via: chicacircle

2. Christmas cookies

The perfect gift for your neighbors during the holidays!

Christmas cookies in a Mason Jar

via: cookiecrazie

3. Homemade peppermint sugar scrub

This is a great gift for those bath and body lovers.

Homemade peppermint scrub in a mason jar

via: cincyshopper

4. Candy cane hot cocoa bar

A perfect gift for those hot cocoa lovers. This hot cocoa bar allows your loved ones to make their own candy cane hot cocoa.

Candy cane hot cocoa in a mason jar

via: cleanandscentsible


5. Dr. Seuss jar

Perfect for your kids’ teachers on teacher appreciation day!

Dr. Seuss mason jar teacher gift

via: thecountrychiccottage


6. Salted caramel sauce

So delicious! This salted caramel sauce is the perfect mason jar gift.

salted caramel sauce gift in a mason jar

via: recipegirl


7. Hand soap dispenser

You can easily turn a mason jar into a beautiful hand soap dispenser.

mason jar hand soap dispenser

via: thehappierhomemaker


8. DIY house warming gift

Have a friend who just moved into a new place? Make them a housewarming gift in a jar!

housewarming mason jar gift diy

via: jennifermargolin


9. Pork rub

Pork rub in a jar is the perfect fathers day gift. Super easy to do!

pork rub mason jar gift

via: cincyshopper


10. Chalkboard inspired candy jar

Another great gift for teachers. Or the perfect gift for a friend or loved one! You can write your own messages on the car.

chalkboard candy jar mason jar gift

via: mommadidit


11. Homemade ‘bee beautiful’ jar

An adorable DIY Valentine’s Day gift.

diy mason jar bee beautiful valentine's day gift

via: littlemisscelebration


12. DIY scrapbook gift

This is perfect for those scrapbook lovers.

scrapbook jar mason jar gift

via: thescrapshoppeblog


13. Spa in a jar

This one is easy. Just put some beauty care products in a beautifully decorated jar.

spa mason jar gift

via: classyclutter


14. Keep warm kit

The perfect DIY gift for winter. Decorative and useful!

keep warm kit mason jar gift

via: thirtyhandmadedays


15. Summer kit

Or make this crafty summer in a jar gift.

summer in a jar mason jar gift

via: raisinguprubies


16. Lucky Charms marshmallows

Buy a box of Lucky Charms and take out all of the marshmallows and put them in a jar.

marshmallow mason jar gift

via: buzzfeed


17. Snowman play dough

A perfect craft for your kids. Also makes a great creative gift!

snowman play dough mason jar gift

via: theconnectionweshare


18. Homemade bath fizzies

The perfect gift for those bubble bath lovers.

homemade mason jar bath fizzies

via: marthastewart


19. Teenage boy mason jar gift

An easy to make and thoughtful present for your kids or your nephews!

teenage boy mason jar gift

via: 504main


20. Santa jar

A fun gift to give your love ones around the holidays!

santa mason jar gift

via: thecountrychiccottage


21. Dollar bill birthday gift

Skip the card and use a mason jar to gift money instead.

dollar bill mason jar gift

via: housewivesoffrederickcounty


22. DIY sock puppet jar

The perfect creative gift for kids. You too can create a make your own sock puppet jar!

sock puppet mason jar gift

via: consumercrafts


23. Christmas treat jar

Another great holiday gift for family and neighbors.

christmas treats mason jar gift

via: amandaparkerandfamily


24. DIY vanilla extract

This is a creative and thoughtful gift to give to those bakers in your family.

vanilla extract mason jar gift

via: bakeat350


25. S’mores jar

Marshmallows, chocolate, and honey grahams make a creative and delicious treat.

smores mason jar gift

via: anightowlblog


26. Girls weekend jar

A creative gift to give your girlfriends!

girls weekend mason jar gift

via: southernstateofmindblog


27. Pedicure jar

A fun gift to give those beauty lovers.

pedicure mason jar gift

via: evermine


28. Cinnamon sugar popcorn

This gift is perfect for a ton of different occasions. Everyone loves popcorn!

cinnamon sugar popcorn mason jar gift

via: cookingwithmykid


29. Homemade apple butter

Absolutely delicious. This homemade apple butter makes an excellent gift.

apple butter mason jar gift

via: mybakingaddiction


30. Apron in a jar

A thoughtful gift to give to the friends and family who love to cook.

apron in a jar mason jar gift

via: pleasant-home


31. Birthday cupcake

Baking a cupcake in a jar is a great birthday treat to give to friends and loved ones. It also keeps the cupcake moist!

birthday cupcake mason jar gift

via: littlemisscelebration


32. Gingerbread play dough

This is one of my favorites. Great for the holidays!

gingerbread play dough mason jar gift

via: sweetsugarbelle


33. Beginners sewing kit

Great for those who love to sew or who might want to learn!

sewing mason jar kit

via: smashedpeasandcarrots


34. Golf kit in a jar

This is the perfect fathers day gift. Thoughtful and creative!

golf kit mason jar gift

via: 504main


35. Homemade laundry soap

The perfect housewarming gift for new neighbors.

laundry soap mason jar gift

via: doodlecraftblog


36. Gift card snow globe

A more creative way to give a gift card. Easy to make!

gift card snow globe mason jar gift

via: thecreativemama


37. Tea lovers jar

A mason jar is a great way to turn tea into a gift.

tea lovers mason jar gift

via: stonegableblog


38. Christmas jar

Smells just like the holidays! Makes a great decorative gift.

Christmas jar mason jar gift

via: nestofposies


39. Mini bar in a jar

Not only does this gift rhyme, but it is also creative.

mini bar mason jar gift

via: theshabbycreekcottage


40. Craft kit

Turn an ordinary mason jar into the perfect gift for craft lovers.

craft kit mason jar gift

via: myuncommonsliceofsuburbia


41. DIY cookie mix

Everybody loves cookies! Mason jars make great cookie mix gifts.

cookie mix mason jar gift

via: yesmissy


42. Mommy survival kit

A humorous, yet thoughtful and useful gift for mommies!

mommy kit mason jar gift

via: classyclutter


43. Coffee lovers jar

We all know someone who is totally in love with coffee. This gift would be perfect for them!

coffee lovers mason jar gift

via: town-n-country-living


44. Movie lovers kit

This is the perfect gift for a family! You can also put a DVD in there or a movie rental gift card.

movie lovers mason jar gift

via: yesterdayontuesday


45. Caramel apple jar

So delicious! A DIY caramel apple jar is a great gift for all occasions.

caramel apple mason jar gift

via: thegunnysack


46. DIY lavender bath salts jar

A relaxing and thoughtful gift that is perfect for Mother’s Day or Christmas.

lavendar bath salts mason jar gift

via: tatertotsandjello


47. Homemade mint wedding favors

A perfect wedding favor gift. Easy to make and affordable!

mint wedding favors mason jar gift

via: thefrugalgirls


48. Gumdrop gift jar

This is a great decorative gift, as well as a delicious one!

Gumdrop mason jar gift

via: scrapbook


49. Drawing kit in a jar

A gift that all artists would love.

drawing kit in a mason jar

via: thegunnysack


50. DIY Terrarium in a jar

This gift is for those gardening lovers you know. Very decorative!

Terrarium mason jar gift

via: apartmenttherapy

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