50 Insanely Cute Pet Costume Ideas

pet costume ideas

Do you have a pet you want to dress up for Halloween this year?! I found a super roundup with 50 of the cutest pet costume ideas ever! I am not so sure about anything that requires paint on your pet. isn’t that supposed to bad for them? There must be a biodegradable and animal friendly product. Totally love the all the pugs. So cute!

Also, if one thing is true… it’s those super furry cats in sweaters will always be hilarious.

Here’s the link to to all 50 brilliant ideas: HLN TV – 50 Cute Pet Costumes

Anyone who enjoys dressing their pets up in human like clothes will be excited to learn about fancy dress costumes they can also wear. Today we’re going to look at some of my favorite cute pet costume ideas for Halloween that will make pets look scarily cute. These costumes will let your pet enjoy the spooky festivities with you.

Dobby the Dog

If you’re a fan of Harry potter then you will probably already know all about Dobby the house elf. This costume works perfectly if your dog already looks a bit dopey. The costume can be made yourself using an old sheet and some fabric coloring. To complete the look be sure to stain the fabric so that it looks like Dobby’s real pillowcase.

Dog Being Eaten by Crocodile

The dog being eaten by crocodile costume is difficult to pull off, but can look amazing. This is a model crocodile which follows the dog around. This costume will certainly turn heads. The important thing is to make sure the crocodile is as light as possible,

Shark Turtle

The shark turtle is one of the cutest costumes around which is perfect for a turtle. This is a knitted fin which can be put onto a turtle like a tea cosy. A similar idea could be used with all sorts of other animals, although a shark turtle is especially cute.

Ghost Dog

The most simple ghost costume is just a sheet with some eye holes cut into it. The ghost dog costume is similar, but it also has an extra hole for the muzzle.

Racing Horse

A small saddle and jockey can be strapped onto the back of a cat to make it look like a horse taking part in a horse race. This is a very memorable costume that is perfect for any cat.

With so many different costume ideas to choose from, there’s no reason why your pet can’t dress up to celebrate Halloween with you.

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