A Regular Shed Is Transformed Using 5,000 Pennies. Wow!

penny shed

A lot of countries have gotten rid of the one cent coin. Australia, Brazil, Finland, New Guinea, New Zealand, and Canada have all done away with their penny/penny equivalent. There is debate in America about whether we should ditch our lowliest coin or not. I’d personally be ok with it, then there would be so many pennies to DIY with.

Pennies are quite versatile. You can use them to cover vases, decorate floors, and add some pizzaz to almost anything. One guy (Reddit user American_Standard) used 5,000 to add the finishing touch to his bar shed. Move over man caves, bar sheds are the newest and hottest things in man-land and after these pics get out, people decorating them with pennies will be another hot trend. Lol. Check out this shed! He did a great job with the renovation and the pennies look fabulous. I might have to try this someday! And you? Chime in on the ‘penny’ debate here. Keep it? Kick it to the curb? It will be interesting to see what happens.

See inside of the shed and get the full story here…

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