52 Ways to Improve Your Homes Curb Appeal

52 Ways To Add Curb Appeal

Whether you’re looking to place your home on the market or not, it’s always good to be thinking about curb appeal. These are all my favorite ideas I have compiled from all over the web. I really hope you enjoy the list! Happy browsing…

#1  Manicured Lawn

Manicured Lawn

#2 Cute Patio Furniture

Cute patio furniture

#3 Pruned Landscape

Pruned Landscape

#4 Replace Damaged Shingles

Replace damaged roof shingles

#5 Clean Your Roof

Clean Roof

#6 Get rid of dead and dying plants

Remove dead or dying plants

#7 Replace Door Threshold

Replace front door threshold

#8 Build a Berm

Build a berm

#9 Paint your front stoop

painted welcome mat

#10 Window Treatments that Compliment the Exterior of the House

Nice window treatments

#11 Add Light to your Walkways

Lighted walkway

#12 Edge Your Driveway

edge driveway

#13  Add Molding to Your Front Door

add trim to front door

#14  Add Windows to your Garage

Add windows to garage

#15  Dress up your Dormer

dress up your dormer

#16  Upgrade your Porch or Deck Railing

Upgrade porch or deck railing

#17  Replace or Repair you Gutters

Replace old gutters

#18  Tile your Front Porch

Tile front porch

#19  Pull Weeds

Pull weeds

#20  Add a Door Knocker

Add a door knocker

#21  Plant a Tree or Two

plant a tree

#22  Clean your Windows

Clean windows

#23 Power wash the Exterior of your HomePower wash house exterior

#24  Paint your Trim 

paint trim

#25  Add an Arbor

Add an arbor

#26  Paint the Exterior of your House

Paint house exterior

#27  Add Cute Welcome Mat

add a welcome mat

#28 Add Symmetry to Your Front Door

Front door symmetry

#29  Add Interesting Pieces to your Yard like an archway or bird bath

Add interesting architectural pieces

#30  Add Hardware to your Garage

add hardware to garage

#31  Add New Hardware to Your Front Door

New hardware for front door

#32  Paint your Garage Door

paint garage door

#33  Replace Your Garage Door

replace garage door

#34  Update your Front Porch Light

new porch light

#35  Put in a Fence

Add or upgrade your fence

#36  Create a Seating Area in Your Front Porch

create seating area on front porch

#37  Update your Mailbox

new mailbox

#38  Create a Container Garden

container garden

#39  Cover an old concrete stoop with pavers

Cover an old stoop w Pavers

#40  Paint Your Front Door

Paint your front door

#41  Add Mulch to Your Existing Garden Beds

mulch garden beds

#42  Camouflage  Eyesores

camoulflage eyesores

#43  Add Window Boxes 

add windowboxes

#44  Buy a New Front Door

Buy a new front door

#45 Add a Trellis Above the Garage Door

Add trellis above garage

#46  Add Personalized Planters

Personalized planters

#47  Add Shutters

Add shutters

#48  Add a Pathway

Add a walkway

#49  Repave Your Driveway

Repave Driveway

#50  Update Your Address Numbers

Update Address numbers

#51  Reface Your Foundation

Reface Foundation

#52 Hide your Garden Hose in an Attractive Planter

Hide water hose


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