6 Fruits You’re Eating Wrong

6 Fruit Hacks You’ll Wished You Knew Years Ago

6 Fruits You’re Eating Wrong

I think a lot of these fruit hacks depend on your preferences. Some people are creatures of habit and would never change the way they peel an orange, while others are always looking for the new. Let’s not say the ‘right vs wrong’ ways of fruit eating. Instead let’s say ‘easy vs difficult.’ Don’t tell me I’m wrong or I’ll dig my feet in but if there is an easier way I’ll listen right up.

I love that this video shows the difficult way and then the easy way. I learn by example. The watermelon way is too messy for for my and I prefer finger sticks but I love the pomegranate trick. Don’t forget you can open them underwater too. I do peel my oranges the way they suggest. Try it, you’ll never go back! The main thing…don’t waste! Get as much delicious fruit as you can. Don’t miss these crazy fruit creations from Holy Taco. So amazing…

Here’s the video…Enjoy!