He Started With 6 Poles In The Ground And Ended Up With A Stunning Backyard Transformation!

backyard transformation

Waste not, want not. Reddit user ‘My_DIY_Account’ wanted a backyard and he didn’t want to waste any space. His little home in Milwaukee didn’t have much space to start with so creativity was a must when coming up with ideas for an outdoor oasis. He turned the space next to his house, barely big enough to park a car, into a wonderful ‘city backyard.’

I love the end results! There is no reason you can’t carve a little stress-free outdoor hiding spot, even in the city. The wood stain that he used is really beautiful and I really like how the fence was built like ‘Venetian’ blinds. I only see one thing missing…where’s the hot tub?

Feeling inspired? You can build your own deck! This Old House has a terrific tutorial. It won’t be easy (moderate to difficult skill level) and it won’t be cheap ($800-$1000) for a 10×16 foot deck. It won’t be easy, but it will be gorgeous. Here’s the how-to.

Here’s the link to all the project photos…

Little Things: 6 Poles Backyard Transformation (photos)