6 Quick Hairstyles That Will Do The Job In A Pinch


I fit the definition of a lazy girl. Where is that alarm clock? I desperately grope for it every morning so that I can hurl it at the wall with hurricane force. Good morning is a contradiction of terms! I push the limit when it comes to waking up. That’s why I need simple and easy hacks for getting ready in the morning. Simple hacks like these one from Buzzfeed. These six hairstyles for lazy girls are life savers!

I’ve rocked the pinless bun quite a few times. I think I’ll try the half done braid next. The only problem I see with these is that I have bangs and they are always crazy in the morning. Hope I can still make these work! Or maybe I should just ditch the bangs? Here are some other fabulously easy hairstyles that you should bookmark for a rainy day. It never hurts to be prepared.

Here’s the video with all 6 hairstyles… Enjoy!