7 Brilliant Cleaning Tips and Tricks For Your Bathroom


I think most of us would agree that the number one place we dislike cleaning the most has to be the bathroom! Well we’ve found a great video for you, that shows you some kick butt ways to shine your bathroom and get it done quickly! Here, the Household Hacker shows us seven awesome cleaning hacks that take care of the dirtiest bathrooms in a cinch – leaving them looking like brand new!

Organic and natural cleaning products can be expensive. Did you know vinegar is an inexpensive and great choice for cleaning around the home? You can even pour it into the toilet tank to remove mold and bacteria. This helps prevents erosion within the tank.

There are many other tricks including cleaning your mirrors with tea bags, throwing items in the dishwasher for maximum sanitation, and more! Go ahead and watch the video below to arm yourself with the best bathroom cleaning hacks.