7 Clever Ways To Use Salt


Salt can be used for so much more than seasoning food. Salt is delicious but it is also practical. Household Hacker has 7 brilliant uses for table salt that I’m guessing you didn’t know about. Check out this video and be amazed. Prepare to run to your cabinet and grab the salt!

Which of these will you try first? Any? All? I’m so excited to clean my iron this way (number 1). I hardly use it but it would be nice to have it clean, just in case. I’ve never thought about using it to unclog the shower drain (number 7).

These hacks are going to take some spilling of salt. Are you superstitious? Hope not! Lol. Check out Timeless Myths to get the 411 on the origins of the spilling salt urban myth. It’s really interesting. Just in case you were wondering. I love finding the origins of thing.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!