7 deadly sins of walt disney world trips

7 Deadly Sins of Disney World Vacations

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7 deadly sins of walt disney world trips

Going on vacation to Disney World is supposed to be a magical and exciting and fun trip of a lifetime. However, that is not always the reality when it comes to travel and especially when it comes to traveling with children.

We are planning a trip to Disney and want to make sure we plan, plan, plan so we can have the most enjoyable time possible. If we are going to invest thousands of dollars into park passes, meals, airfare and lodging… we are going to have fun! LOL.

While doing my research for our trip we came across this really great article on the 7 deadly sins of Disney World trips. It’s great advice the Disney Diva herself.

Read the tips here…

Disney Diva: Disney World – 7 Deadly Sins

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