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9 Brilliant Ideas For That Space Under the Stairs

Do you have space under your stairs that is not doing anything besides harboring dust? Then you need to keep reading. With all of that space under there, you can really get creative and do a lot! Taking advantage of that room can really improve your home organization. Just imagine having a whole new room in your home! That is what organizing this space under the stairs is like.

We have created a list of some amazing things people have done with all of that extra space. Some people have used it for storage, while others have turned that space into a guest bathroom or even a room for a pet. Whatever ideas you may have for that space, it is possible!

So take a look at these brilliant ways people have organized and made use of the space under the stairs. See if you can gather some inspiration for your own home! These projects are sure to add value to your home. If you have organized the space under your stairs, comment some pictures! We would love to see them.

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1. Don’t have room for a home office? You can build one under the stairs.

space under the stairs home office

via: onekindesign


2. Need a quiet place to catch up on a good book? Turn that space under the stairs into a reading room!

space under the stairs reading room

via: onekindesign


3. With a little plumbing work, you can build a guest bathroom.

space under the stairs bathroom

via: usnow


4. Tired of coats all over the floor? Make it a coat room!

space under the stairs coat rack

via: freshome


5. A pantry under the stairs is great if you don’t have room in your kitchen.

space under the stairs pantry

via: thekitchn


6. Store all of your valuable dishes under the stairs and keep them safe!

space under the stairs dishes

via: designsponge


7. Is that space facing your living room? Use it to hide your TV.

space under the stairs hide tv

via: homedit


8. Or give your pet their very own room!

space under the stairs pet room

via: onekindesign


9.If you are feeling cramped, turn your stairs into storage space too.

space under the stairs storage

via: meganbrookehandmadeblog


Have you done anything unique beneath your stairs? Please share in the comments below!

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