A Filling And Delicious Breakfast One Bite At A Time


Many days breakfast must be eaten on the run. I am that person who will hit my snooze button again and again until it is necessary to get up and go. That extra few minutes of sleep often means I don’t have time to eat anything other than a bowl of cereal, instant oatmeal, or yogurt. If I am really late, I don’t even have time for that. Maybe a granola bar. I’m sure a few of you can relate.

What if you were to have a scrumptious meal of eggs potatoes and bacon you can eat as you run out the door? This is that recipe. All it takes is tater tots, eggs, bacon, cheese and your favorite salsa (or whatever topping you like best on your eggs). Wow, this is so delicious and healthy. Give the recipe a try and tell me what you think. Thanks Little things! Get more details on how to make here. And be sure to watch the video. Here are some other speedy breakfast recipes worth checking out.

Here’s the video from Little Things… Enjoy!