Easter Cakes

A Marbled Cake Perfectly Decorated For Easter

Easter Cakes

Easter is next weekend and I’ve got to get ready. Dinner, desserts, and delightful Easter egg hunts all need to be planned and orchestrated. I think this dessert might make it on the menu for 2016. This cake is the most festive and most colorful dessert out there possible.

This pastel creation from Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio is super cute! It’s got peeps, Easter M&M’s, vanilla buttercream frosting, and vanilla cake batter. ( All wonderful things. Except the Peeps. Ewww! Those things are awful!) It has a colorful inside too. Yummy and festive.

Looking for another adorable Easter dessert? Look no further! This cupcake recipe from Somewhat Simple is super easy and yes, those are real green carrot sprigs on top! This is a really great site with tons of other holiday recipes, crafts, and DIY projects I know you’ll enjoy.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!