This Couple Buys An Abandoned 1800’s Church for $90,000 To Renovate And Live In Full Time

When this couple decided they wanted to purchase their first home, they spent months looking for the perfect property. One day they came across an old church that was for sale for $90,000. And they decided to move forward with the purchase of this church! This church in Ontario, Canada was previously abandoned, and it was listed when the church leaders decided they no longer needed this building.

The church has some beautiful features, but it needed a lot of work! Luckily, they both come from a family of contractors, so they know what they are doing in their church converted to house project. The couple is currently renovating the property into a beautiful and unique home. It is not finished yet, but the couple said they are modeling the home after the St. Nicholas Church House in England. This church was also previously abandoned and turned into a home.

The couple said that the church was full of happy memories, so there are no scary graveyards to worry about! Up until recently, the church was used for weddings until it was entirely abandoned. But this couple is going to build something beautiful out of this church. I cannot wait to see what the church converted to house looks like when they are done! And be sure to see more home improvement and renovation stories here.

1. When this young couple wanted to buy their first home, their choice was a 130 year old church!

Luckily, both of their dads were contractors, and so is the fiance.

church converted to house 1

2. The pews and altar have been removed, but the building still looks true to its original purpose!

church converted to house 2

3. They are planning on turning this area into a kitchen and dining room.

In time, they plan on building a loft bedroom under the churches peaked roof!

church converted to house kitchen

4. They still have a long ways to go before their church will be complete. But they are remodeling their church based on the St. Nicholas Church in England.

This England Church was abandoned and later converted into a home.

church converted to house bedroom

5. This church has been fully renovated with a bedroom, a bathroom, and a beautiful living area.

church converted to house bathroom church converted to house living room

6. There is a lot of work to be done for the young couple, but this church is beautiful!

church converted to house 6

via: imgur | envole


Could you ever live in an abandoned church like this? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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