This Abandoned Shopping Mall Was Turned Into Efficient Micro Apartments

Providence Arcade, famous for being the oldest standing mall in America, went from abandoned mall to micro apartments. Built in Providence, Rhode Island, this mall is also known for being the first fully indoor mall. Sadly, this historic building faced trials of a bankruptcy and, ultimately, was abandoned.

In 2005, one brilliant developer decided to bring this mall back to life. Instead of renting out all of the shops, he said he went with the more economically efficient idea. This developer turned the second and third floor units into small apartments, the majority of the apartments being between 225 and 300 square feet. This style of living has been called “shoe-box living”, known for being tiny but efficient! The apartments rent on average for $550 a month.

There are still some stores on the ground level, which means the residents can walk right out of their apartment and grab something to eat! One resident described the living situation as “a hotel on steroids”.

All of the residents of this “shoebox” apartment building speak very highly of the living situation! There is even a waiting list to rent a room here, so the demand is high! After seeing this video, I can certainly see why.
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Don’t just take our word for it. Check out the video of these micro apartments for yourself!

via: youtube| wikipedia


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