This Tiny Cottage Has Been Abandoned Since 1915. What’s Inside? Wow!

1915 WWI cottage

I recently went to the National WWII museum in New Orleans. It was moving to see things from a difficult time in our history. I’ve never been to the National World War I museum is in Kansas City, MO, but I really would like to. I love history. This little cottage is full of period history. Untouched and a glimpse into another time. It’s located in Paddington, Sydney (Australia) and it was built in the 1800’s but hasn’t been touched since the great war. The same family has owned it for 5 generation! They have only made two modern additions. It might look abandoned but it isn’t. This family just wants to stick with the old ways. I’m all about my stove and water heater but good for them!

Many museums have actors pretending to be from a certain era and they never break character. Have you ever been to Jamestown? OMG! they are amazing. I understand that for leaving and teaching but I can’t understand living that way all the time. Please explain it to me? There are some amazing places where you can go to experience that for a short time and I love that idea. Like true western towns. How cool would that be?! I know they’re out there but are hard to find! What about this one?

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