Abandoned Tiny Trailer Gets Incredible Makeover

There are many old trailers out there that would make great tiny homes, but the problem is that they are poorly designed on the inside and this makes it difficult to use the space wisely. But Vintage Revivals saw what this old trailer could be, and converted it into an incredible tiny studio! Even though the home doesn’t have a bedroom, it has many other great features.

It’s basically a portable cafe! The best part is that this tiny little trailer can be taken anywhere and doesn’t take up much space. But when you step inside you will be amazed at what you see. This trailer was incredibly well designed. Nicknamed ‘The Nugget’ for its small size, it is located in the southwest and looks great in the desert.

Overall, this trailer took just four months to remodel and get it to its current glory! When the project started this trailer was a mess, but with this new design we quickly forget what it used to look like. It’s almost like an entirely new trailer! Here are the pictures of this lovely masterpiece.

Here is what the trailer looked like before renovation began.

photos via: vintagerevivals

As you can see, it wasn’t an eye catcher


The interior wasn’t so great either


The floor contained mold and the cabinets were rotting



The first step to this project was repairing structural damage to the trailer


Then, they started working on the inside


And finally, here is the finished project!


Just look at that incredible door


They did a custom paint job to give it a ‘desert’ vibe


It looks like a completely new trailer


‘The Nugget” was finally completed!


And it gets even better when you step inside


The dining area is stunning!


It features some great decor


The walls are freshly painted


And they hung up some art!


They made room for a kitchen area


The cabinets are brand new


And there is even a stove top!


Just look at that gorgeous sink.


One of the coolest features of this home was the geometric flooring pattern


There is a small washing area around the corner


They even made room for a mini art studio


Here is one last look at this lovely home!

Via: Vintage Revivals

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