Above Ground Pool With DIY Deck


People pay thousands of dollars to have luxurious private swimming pools put in. Under or above ground, they aren’t cheap. They aren’t cheap but they are fabulous and wonderful for easing the tension that life brings, or so I’ve heard. I’m always impressed by people who can make something fantastic (and functional) all while saving money. That’s what this above ground pool with a wooden deck is! It takes a boring blue pool and turns it into something every homeowner would want. Love. It.

A deck like this would really help protect the pool. The plastic ones tend to get damaged so easily or at least the ones I was around as a kid did. (I’m guessing the ones we had were pretty cheap). A dark wood stain would look so nice! Pool, check. Deck for sunning, check. Now all you need is an umbrella, some lounge chairs, and a cooler. Look out summer! DIYers are on their way!

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JoseFranco: Pool With DIY Wooden Deck (photos)