See Inside The Beautiful and Affordable ‘Alabama’ Tiny Home

Built by Alabama Tiny Homes, this 28 foot custom tiny home is called the ‘Trinity’ and is ready to be built just for you. Alabama Tiny Homes is based in Warrior, Alabama and they design reasonably priced luxury tiny homes. Their models are known for their quality and durability.

Each home has roofing, siding, electrical, and even plumbing already done.

The Trinity starts at around $70,000 and it can be delivered nationwide. This home is incredibly well designed and has a living area, full size kitchen, and two loft areas.

This home can fit around 4 adults comfortably. To make use of the space, there is a lot of cabinet storage. One of the most unique features of this home is the bathroom with its modern and unique tile, as well as the hardwood ceilings.

If you want this tiny home, Alabama Tiny Homes will ship it to you and can even customize it! A tiny home can save money and help you live more comfortably.

What is your favorite part of this tiny home?

This is the ‘Trinity’ made by Alabama Tiny Homes

It features a full living area

The hardwood floors and amazing ceilings make this home unique

The home has a full kitchen

With amazing counter tops

The washer and dryer fit underneath the counter to save space

It even has a full bathroom with a custom shower

Unlike most tiny homes, this one has a staircase instead of a ladder.

There is plenty of storage under the stairs

And upstairs you have the loft area with windows for a view

On the other end of the home you have a small ladder area

With an additional loft bedroom. This tiny home can fit a family of 3 or 4 comfortably!

Via: Alabama Tiny Homes