30 Affordable DIY Remodeling Ideas That Will Spectacularly Upgrade Your Home

There are many reasons why one may want to remodel their home. You may be looking to list it and want to increase the value, you may have gotten a cheap home and want to fix it up, or you may just want something new. Either way, home improvement is a difficult and expensive task. There is also a lot of time that goes into improving a home. With all the time and money involved, it can be easy to put off remodeling projects.

But it needs to get done. That is where this list of 30 affordable DIY remodeling ideas comes in. Home improvement and remodeling your home does not have to be a difficult or expensive task. You can do a lot of things yourself that cost very little yet have a lasting impression on your home.

Take a look at these 30 DIY projects we have gathered. These projects are easy and cheap ways to remodel your home yourself, without hiring outside help. Now you can remodel your home into your dream home. There is no better time than right now.

Which one of these awesome affordable DIY remodeling projects do you want to try?

1. Paint your ceiling fan

Just look at that! A simple fan blade paint job can transform your room.

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2. Gel stain garage door

Fix an ugly faded garage door with a cheap bottle of gel stain.

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3. DIY fire pit

Spice up your porch or backyard with a custom fire pit made from heat resistant stones.

via: younghouselove


4. Replace air vents

Some air vents like the one below look outdated. Install a new prettier vent for a better look!

via: friendly-home


5. Restore outdoor lights

Paint over rusty or faded outdoor lights with some metallic paint.

via: inmyownstyle


6. Barn door hardware

Turn any door in your house into a barn door with this special hardware.

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7. Paint stair railing

Turn that old stair railway into something modern with a new paint job and some gel stain.

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8. Switch out lights

Change out your old lighting fixtures for something new and exciting.

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9. Wall to wall bookcase

Using Ikea shelves, you can make a wall to wall bookcase like this one.

via: bliss-athome


10. Window trim

Spice up your windows with some custom trim.

via: blesserhouse


11. Paint tile

Change the look of tile by painting stencils. No need to rip it out!

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12. Vinyl flooring

This flooring is very cheap and looks great.

via: simplybeautifulbyangela


13. Age brass drawer pulls

Shiny builder grade brass does not look exciting. Soak the brass in brass ager!

via: inmyownstyle


14. Paint your cabinets

Change the entire look of your kitchen with new painted cabinets.

via: younghouselove


15. Peel and stick tiles

Make an awesome backlash with cheap peel and stick tiles.

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16. Bead board cabinets

Instead of painting cabinets, you can also install bead board wallpaper on them.

via: thecreativecrate


17. Dresser kitchen island

Instead of shelling out a lot of money for an island, convert a dresser into one!

via: curbly


18. Paint bathroom tile

Using a tub and tile paint kit, you can make your bathroom more modern.

via: varietybyvashti


19. Paint fireplace brass

Change the look of your fire place by painting the brass. If you have a wood fire place, be sure to use high heat spray paint.

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20. Update closets

Add some shelves to sliding closets for a better look and improved space.

via: coopandhome


21. Create an accent wall

Create your own accent wall by painting patterns with stencils.

via: designertrapped


22. Custom mudroom

Hang a shelf and put a bench down to make a mudroom in your foyer.

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23. Stair fabric

Turn your stairs into something new with a custom fabric.

via: designsponge


24. DIY shaker door

Turn plain doors into something more exciting.

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25. Custom house numbers

Design a better way to showcase your address! This is what everyone first sees.

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26. Faux stone tiles

Hide your foundation with some faux stone tiles. Look how amazing they are!

via: fauxpanels


27. Foam crown molding

Put foam crown molding above your doorway and paint it the same color as the trim.

via: meandjilly


28. DIY patio

If you don’t have a patio you can make your own with concrete stones and by filling the gaps with river rocks.

via: apartmenttherapy


29. Shiplap wooden siding

Spice up your kitchen with some peel and stick shiplap siding.

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30. Bead board accent wall

Use bead board wallpaper to make a custom accent wall in your home.

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What affordable DIY remodeling projects have you completed in your home that gave a ton of wow factor? Please share in the comments below!

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