New And Affordable Way To Make Popcorn


Do you love your family? Yes, of course! I love them but do I like sharing my food with them? True love is sharing your popcorn. Oh wow! If that’s the case then every movie night is a bit of a struggle. Lol. Just kidding! But I do love my popcorn. Nom nom nom. Little Things has a fun new (and healthy) way to make it that you should try out. I know that I will.

This is a microwave DIY. It’s fast, simple, and so much healthier than bagged popcorn. Gather up some popcorn kernels, butter, a plate, and a bowl. (And you need to have a microwave that works. That rules me out!) This takes about 3 minutes to make and looks quite yummy. The best popcorn in the world is movie theater. It’s also the most unhealthy. A large movie theater without butter is over 1,000 calories! How much is it with butter?! Check it out the article here.

Here’s the link to the full tutorial…

LittleThings: A New Way To Make Cheap, Healthy Popcorn