Garage Home

The Only Home This Man Could Afford Was An Alley Way Garage. What He Does Next. Amazing!

Garage Home

Jeremie Buchholtz is a talented french photographer that works in both Paris and Bordeaux. He has a home in Paris but was needing a second while away. He didn’t want to settle for an average, run of the mill flat so when this dingy old garage was put up for sale he swooped in and got it!

A lot of thought and love went into making this the perfect tiny home. Jeremie’s friend, Matthieu de Marien, is an an architect that specializes in turning old spaces into spectacular ones. Together they did just that! One of the coolest things about this garage is that is located on the Passage Buhan. That is a private passageway where property extends halfway into the street. That really makes the place bigger than it seems! I can’t really explain how brilliantly the space is utilized or how wonderfully Jeremie and Matthieu created windows and a way for natural light to flood the flat…you must watch the video below to see!

Have you thought about turning your garage into a living space? House Logic has an article that weighs the pros, cons, and costs or turning it into a room. Do you need the space or does your car? My garage is so full that there isn’t any room for a car or a room but maybe this an option for you.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!