Alternative Uses For Vicks VapoRub


I love Vicks VapoRub. My parents used it on me all the time when I was little so the smell reminds me of being taken care of and loved and my favorite blanket. I’ve never used it for anything other than helping me breathe better but this roundup from Diply has 12 other ways it can be used that you’ve probably never thought of before. They are great and I’m pretty sure you’ll like them as much as I do.

Next time your muscles are aching grab your Vicks from the medicine cabinet. Grab it when your ear starts aching and your hinges star squeaking. It can be used to make ‘shower bombs.’ And this is a weird one…cure toenail fungus. Follow the link below to see all of the other ideas.

There are some homemade versions out there of Vicks too. You can never be too prepared for cold season. Check out this recipe from Garden Therapy.

Find all 12 uses here…

Diply: 12 Clever Ways To Use Vicks VapoRub You’ve Probably Never Thought Of