foil hacks

Aluminum Foil Tricks That Will Simplify Your Life

foil hacks

Did you realize that aluminum foil had so many uses? Well it’s true, it can do a lot more than just wrap up food! This wondrous material can do so many things such as eliminating static in the dryer, removing rust and even polishing silver. It is extremely versatile and we’ve found a great list of aluminum foil hacks that we are sure will make your life a whole lot easier.

Not only is aluminum foil so versatile, it is extremely affordable too. And usually most families have it on hand all of the time. Whether you scrunch it up or lay it flat, foil has many uses. For example you can scrunch it into a ball and use it as a dryer sheet, or even scrub pots and pans with it. If you lay it out flat you can use foil to help you iron clothing as well.

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