The Secret To Amazing Cheesecake? Nutella!


The One Pot Chef has a true passion for food and I’m so glad that he shares his recipes with us! Recipes like this no-bake Nutella Cheesecake. Yum! Nutella is the byproduct of a marriage between chocolate and hazelnut. It makes a delicious spread that can be put on almost anything and, like this cheesecake, is to die for.

I just learned that there is a world Nutella day. We missed February 5th this year but let’s all commit to make this cake next year. I’m not going to wait untill then to make this! It’ll be a wonder if I can make it into next week. Lol. This is terrific. It would be fun to try this with peanut butter too. Think that would work?

Now I can’t stop thinking about yummy creamy cheesecake! Must-Have-Cheesecake! I’m all about the no-bake method too. All the deliciousness without the delay. Score! The Joy Of Baking has another recipe that you must try. Check it out here.

Here’s the video…Enjoy (and eat up)!