Amazing DIY Co-Sleeping Bed


Now this is a fun idea. It’s a bed that sleeps seven. Do your kids always want to climb in bed with you? It can make for a very cramped sleeping space. One family, the Boyces, came up with a creative solution to this problem. Who knew what you could do with two Ikea beds and some ingenuity?!

I love this bed but I’m not sure where it would fit in with our life. Not the master bedroom. I’m not sleeping on the floor all the time. Maybe the play room or one of the kid’s bedroom. This bed reminds me of indoor camping. So cute. Check out the diagrams and how they make it work (for sleeping every night!) See more of the Boyce family’s amazing project and their cute family here. What a creative solution to their sleeping arrangements. Nice job!

See how it was built and all the features here….

Babyology: The Ultimate DIY Bed For Co-Sleeping With All The Kids