Astonish Your Friends With This Amazing DIY Rose Cake!


We’ve seen some beautiful cakes in our time, but this one really wins out! Imagine showing off your baking and decorating skills with this beautiful rose cake? Vanessa from Cake Style has created a video to walk you through building and decorating your very own cake. She explains things in an easy-to-understand format and you can watch her step by step as she builds and decorates her own Rose cake.

The cake is four layers high and features sweet buttercream icing and modelling chocolate. Are you drooling yet? Wait until you see how beautiful the cake turns out!

Some essential equipment you’ll want to have on hand includes a large spatula, turntable (a must!), cake board, large bread knife for shaping the cake layers, plastic scraper for smoothing the icing, small rolling pin, paintbrush, exacto knife, toothpicks, cookie cutters and optionally, a cake leveller. Watch Vanessa build this fabulous Rose cake right before your eyes: