An Emergency Shelter Fit For A King


Do you believe the world is going to be thrust into chaos soon? Do you watch too much Walking Dead and think the zombie apocalypse is on it’s way? Is the biblical rapture coming? Perhaps you believe global warming will set off a catastrophic set of events leading to disaster on a global scale. Maybe you are worried about the recent nuclear treaty with Iran. With those warm and cheery thoughts, we bring you this post. No matter what happens, you will be safe in this bunker!

If you think any of the above are real possibilities, or if you just want to be ultra prepared here is a company that wants to build your fallout shelter/panic room (really really cool man cave). Atlas Survival Shelters is a company out of California that wants to make your post apocalypse days luxurious. All the shelters come with a generator room and lots of storage for water and nonperishable goods. They are a series of modular interconnected tubes that can be custom configured to your purposes. Pretty cool! See more of what Atlas has to offer here.

See inside the bunker here…

Diply: A Millionaire’s Survival Shelter (photo tour)