Apple Rose

How To Roll Apple Slices Into A Beautiful Rose Shape

Apple Rose

Wow! Just the thought of this rose shaped apple dessert has me drooling. Seriously, this is the most beautiful dessert. Beautiful and tasty. I’m so trying this! It looks fast and simple. My only concern is that mine wouldn’t come out as beautiful as this one! (Remember the apple swan? The one I made looked a little different than the pics and tutorial. Lol.)

As far as decadent desserts go, this one is pretty good for you. Fruit? That’s very important in the food pyramid, right? To make this you only need a few ingredients. A puff pastry, apples, lemon juice, apricot/some flavored preserve to add sweetness, and flour (for the work space). Cinnamon and powdered sugar are optional. I think the key to this rose is slicing the apples very thin.

This apple rose got me thinking… I want to make more tasty flower shaped treats! Not a problem, Pop Sugar has the best roundup! There is everything from pancakes, peppers, quesadillas, ham sandwiches and cookies. These foods are sure to impress the littles in your life. So fun.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!