Artist Jason Waldron’s Scrap Sculptures


I love driftwood and weather pieces of old trees. There is a piece from the Oregon coast decorating the garden right now. I’ve always thought it was beautiful and have loved seeing it as a decorative piece. I’ve never thought about turning old wood into beautiful creations like Jason Waldron does. Some people are just so talented and come up with the most creative artistic designs and he is one of them.

Jason is an artist from Central Oregon that uses old bits of wood, bark, and metal to make fabulous creations that are straight out of nature. Many are left in their natural state and take on the shape of magnificent animals. I think all of the different eagles are my favorites. They have a very majestic quality to them.

See more of Jason’s artwork at his website here. Be sure and check out the process videos. They are truly amazing and they give a better idea on the actual size of some of the sculptures. The horse one is much larger than I thought!

See all the scrap sculptures here…

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