At-Home Manicure Tips To Live By


I love manicure roundups and this one from Diply is no exception. Love it. When I go to the nail salon I focus on my feet. Home pedicures can’t compare to the professionals. My sister does a pretty great job but it’s not the same. Manicures are another story. They can be done at home and look just like the pros pampered you. These 16 tips are going to help you tremendously on your road to manicure perfection!

I am a big fan of number 4. I use cuticle oil all the time. Number 5 is vital to the perfect manicure. The same for number 9. Top and base coat. I am not sure about the fast drying spray. I’ve heard it doesn’t work but I know that the ice water method works well (number 11). I love number 16. Accent nails are the best! Here are some easy nail art ideas you should try. Once you get the basics are mastered you can take it up a notch.

Here’s the link to all 16 fabulous tips…

Diply: 16 Tips For The Best At-Home Manicure Ever