Awesome Ideas For Deterring Home Burglars


There are some scary statistics about burglary out there. You probably didn’t realize, a burglary is committed in the United States approximately every 15 seconds. 60% of burglaries involve forcible entry. In other words they kick in a door or break through a window into the house. Which means 40% of the burglaries occurred because a door, window, garage door or some other entry point was left unlocked or wide open. Burglary accounted for $4.6 BILLION in losses to homeowners. Yes I said billions. Almost all of this is preventable. Learn how!

The best thing to help prevent break ins is a commercial home security system. The audible alarm will chase off a would be burglar almost every time. This post from Just DIY will give you some other very easy inexpensive ideas for reinforcing your home. Take a look through the whole post and you will see suggestions to reinforce the deadbolt on your front door, add some security to the sliding door, get a safe and more. How safe is your town? Find the statistics here.

Here’s the link to all 17 security tricks…

JustDIY: 17 Ways To Make Your Home Impenetrable