How To Build A Backyard Smokehouse

diy smokehouse

Mmmmm! I hear that in Texas everyone is a BBQ expert. It’s like it is ingrained in their DNA or something. This Texan decided he needed a smoker to take his BBQ to the next level.

He built it with some concrete blocks and cedar planks. Cedar naturally prevents rotting so it will last a long time. This smoker is capable of both cold (lox anyone?) and hot smoking. It is nearly dinner time as I write this and now I can’t get my stomach to stop rumbling!

Nick’s plans called for an awning to store wood under and a separate firebox piped under the wood storage making it easier to control temperatures. Talk about detailed! The construction of this doesn’t look complicated at all. If you have the space, the taste and the time take your own BBQ up a notch with this smoker! Here is another smoker tutorial from Instructables. You can never have too many come BBQ season!

Here’s the link to all the step-by-step project photos…

LittleThings: Amazing DIY Backyard Smokehouse (photos)