This Guy’s Backyard Idea Was Insane Until I Saw It Finished. Really, He’s A Total Genius!

Stunning Backyard Transformation. This Guy Is A Genius.

This Guy’s Backyard Idea Was Insane Until I Saw It Finished. Really, He’s A Total Genius!

Turning trash into treasure. We’ve all heard that before but this guy really did it!

He turned the messiest backyard into the most stunning pool. These guys weren’t even pros. If an IT guy and a student of business can do this…then so can we! I’m so glad to have found this over at Diply. Check it out and be amazed.

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natural pool during

natural pool after

5 Important Tips when Building a Natural Swimming Pool

A natural swimming pool can immediately add interest to your back yard. A swimming pool will also boost the value of your property and make it much easier to sell in the future. This guide will look at five very important tips to consider when you are building a swimming pool in your back yard.

1. Planning

Digging holes and building a pool is a very time consuming thing to do. That’s why it’s so important you allow yourself a bit of time to plan your pool design so that everything is perfect. It’s a good idea to use spray paint to mark the area of the pool. This will allow you to see how much of the back yard it really takes up. There’s no point building a pool that’s too big or too small for your garden, otherwise you will regret it.

Try to sketch out how you intend the pool to look. Make sure you have remembered to address things like how you are going to access the pool and how deep you want it to be.

Instead of having a regimental rectangular pool, experiment with different levels. It’s possible to have a normal swimming pool which is allowed to overflow slightly to create a more natural looking pool. When done properly this looks amazing and will also be popular with kids who just want a paddle or play in the shallow water.

2. Asking for Help

Don’t try to dig the pool by yourself, instead ask friends and family round to help you. Most people will be pleased to assist you and might also have some fun at the same time. Cook a barbecue while digging the hole to say thank you to your helpers.

3. Filtration

You must choose a filtration system for your natural swimming pool. The type of system that you choose will depend on the size of your pool. These systems work by circulating all of the water in your pool and removing any debris. Ultraviolet lights are also sometimes used to kill bacteria in the water so that it’s safe to swim in and it doesn’t look dirty. The filtration system is quite big and will ideally need to be stored indoors somewhere. This can be located in a garage if convenient.

4. Use an Excavator

Digging a pool by hand would take a very long time and also mean you would have hands covered in blisters. A much easier solution is to hire an excavator. You can hire small excavators which can be used by anyone with only minimal training. Alternatively you can hire a excavator and driver to do the work for you. Dig down to your chosen depth and use a trailer to move the topsoil and dispose of it. Unless of course you could make use of the topsoil somewhere else in your garden.

5. Lining the Pool

The pool needs to be lined with waterproof material to stop the water from draining away. Before that though, a layer of thick felt should be used to protect the waterproof membrane. This will provide protection from roots and damage caused by people in the pool. Once the waterproofing is installed the whole side of the pool can be tiled using slate which has a beautiful natural appearance.

It’s not really that expensive or difficult to build a natural pool in your back yard. It will just take time and patience to do it properly.

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