Bake To Impress With These Pie Crust Ideas


Here is a question that has America divided. No, it isn’t political but people are just as passionate about it. Cake or pie? Which side of the fence are you on? I am mostly bi-partisan, occasionally leaning heavier toward the cake side. Lol. For those pie lovers, full and part time, this roundup from Diply is for you! It has 12 ways you can jazz up your crusts, taking them to an all time professional level. Baking win!

I’ve done number 4 before, with a spoon and a fork but the rest are all new to me. I’ve always wanted to do a lattice top but my attempts have failed spectacularly. Maybe things will be different this time around. These look so complicated! My guests would sure be in awe if I could pull any of these off! I think will try one when I make this pie next. It’s my go-to. You can never go wrong with apple.

Find all fun crust designs here…

Diply: 12 Crazy Pie Crust Ideas That Will Make You Look Like A Professional