Baked Apple Recipes

Homemade Bloomin Baked Apples (Dessert)

Baked Apple Recipes

Math is not my forte. Far from it (fractions make me cry!) but here it goes. If one picture is worth one thousand words and I have five pictures… I think that means I can use 5000 less words than normal to describe this amazing recipe from The Gunny Sack. I really only need one word, Scrumptious. There I said it. Job done. Enjoy! JK! I’m so excited to feature this bloomin apple here today. Just thinking about a caramel apple ice cream combo makes me happy.

I’ve made bloomin onions before and they were heavenly but I have a feeling that this will top that savory treat by far! The most difficult part of this recipe is going to be cutting the apples and that is more time consuming as opposed to difficult. Well, I take that back. The most difficult part is going to be waiting for them to be done. Sooo delish!

Love this? Wait till you try a caramel apple pie from Williams-Sonoma. Yum! Here’s the recipe.

Get the delicious recipe from The Gunny Sack here…

The Gunny Sack: Bloomin Baked Apples Recipe