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12 Basement Remodeling Ideas To Dramatically Upgrade Your Home

If you have a basement in your home, you should be making the most out of that space. The basement is like an entire new floor of your house. Many people just use their basements for storage or laundry, but there is so much potential in your basement! If you can turn your basement into a finished basement, the possibilities are endless.

Just imagine all of the amazing things you can do with your basement! We have created a list of 12 amazing basement remodeling ideas that are sure to inspire and drive you to turn your basement into the space of your dreams.

Want a movie theater? Or a bar? Or maybe just a place to sit and watch TV? It is all possible with a finished basement. Sure, it is hard to do the work, but as you can see with these pictures below it is well worth it!

So if you have been putting off remodeling your basement, these pictures are sure to inspire you to get going on remodeling that space.

If you could have one of the basements below, which one would you have?
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1. The basement is the perfect place to build a kids playroom.

This will keep all of the toys off the living room floor!

basement remodeling ideas kids playroom

via: oddfunny


2. Is your laundry room in your basement? That doesn’t mean you can’t remodel it!

With a better organized space, you can also add more to your basement.

basement remodeling ideas laundry

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3. The basement is also the perfect place for a private office.

Or maybe a homework area for the kids!

basement remodeling ideas office 1 basement remodeling ideas office 2

via: kainar-aktau |  krasiviedoma


4. If you want a place to relax, you can create a lounge in your basement.

basement remodeling ideas lounge basement remodeling ideas sitting-area

via: mrblackwarhammer | thefhd


5. Using a projector, you can turn your basement into a private movie theater.

basement remodeling ideas projector

via:  home-designing


6. Or make the basement a place for the adults to relax with a bar!

basement remodeling ideas bar 2 basement remodeling ideas bar

via: suzstore | homedesignlover


7. Have a pool table, or want one? Try these basement remodeling ideas.

basement remodeling ideas pool table 1 basement remodeling ideas pool table

via: wenatcheeworld | designmag


8. If you have the room, maybe you can try everything!

basement remodeling ideas everything

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How would you like to remodel your basement? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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