Tiny House Cottage

Must See Tiny 320 Square Foot Cottage Hugging A Beachfront Cliff

Tiny House Cottage

“It’s alright to be little bitty, a little hometown or a big old city…” Alan Jackson had it right! An itsy bitsey house can be just as great as a big one and this little cottage shows that. This house offers stunning ocean views and has the most picturesque location! What’s that realtors are always saying? Location location location! This one is in in the UK but I think the US is ready for some.

This cottage feels huge. It must be the combination of french doors, nautical themed decor, and white paint. It has me rethinking some of my color/decorating themes. It’s just so bright! I would willingly sacrifice some space to live in a place like this but I don’t think the weather is as nice as the pictures all year long. It might be blustery in the winter so bring blankets!

This house is located in Whitsand Bay, a popular place for local surfers. If would be the perfect summer home for someone constantly on the water. Check out this other house, built by Molecule Tiny Homes, specifically for a surfer who wanted to live on the coast and take full advantage of what nature had to offer. It’s great! Find it here.

Find the full article and all the photos here… Little Things: She Built A Tiny 320 Square Foot Cottage That Actually Feels Huge…Genius!!

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