An Old Beat Up Airstream Gets An Amazing Overhaul


Glamourous. Camping. ‘Glamping.’ Glamping is my type of camping! I can spend a day or two in a tent but this is more my style. Lol. In case you haven’t figured it out, ‘glamping’ is a combo of the words glamour and camping. The whole idea is to be more comfortable. Sarah Schneider figured out how to really do it right with her rehauled Airstream trailer. It’s so cool!

This Airstream, christened Wandering Star, is so lovely. It’s bright, cozy, and simple inside. Most the pieces are upcycled, so it was pretty affordable too. Win! I would love to travel and see the country this way.

Are you sick and tired of missing out on all the fun? Yea, it’s fun to see what everyone else has done but what about your trailer? has everything you need, including the camper, to get started on your DIY. Brilliant! Find them here.

See all the interior photos here…

Little Things: An Old Airstream Is Now BEAUTIFUL! (photos)