Watch As This Pile Of Dirt Gets Transformed Into A Beautiful Backyard Oasis


Bonfires on the beach remind me of my family’s vacations growing up. I still love the feeling of sand between my toes and a fire to sit around with my friends. It just means summer to me. But, the beach is 6 hours from our home. Here is a solution to that problem.

Take a look at this Idea of an oasis from Imgur user bsol27. He has done a great job of creating a usable space out of an empty unused lot on the backside of his house. Anytime the evening weather is warm you will find he and his family out back enjoying movies, playing on the Playstation 3, and roasting marshmallows. In fact, this has inspired me. I think my family will be making s’mores this evening.

I look forward to seeing more projects from bsol27. It looks like, from the background, he may have a few more projects in the works already. Is that a cement mixer back there? Lol. I really love the sand that they added. Summer and sand. Yup. The two just go together and Babble agrees. Check out this roundup of 25 DIY sandbox ideas. They’re great!

Here’s the link to check out the entire finished project…

Little Things: Stunning Outdoor Entertainment Oasis (photos)