Giant Pile Of Wood Pallets Turned Into Beautiful Poolside Patio


Have you ever considered making a deck or patio? It isn’t as hard as you’d think! I still don’t think I could do it but I bet you could! RedheadFox (Reddit user) made one using only 43 pallets! That seems like a very small number considering how awesome it is. Once you see all the fabulous pictures, you will be out and hunting for pallets so you can make your own ASAP.

A large part of the project was sanding and painting the pallets. 43 isn’t that many for a patio but it’s a lot when you have to do all that work on them. This DIY took a little elbow grease. They spent a lot of time sanding and painting and planning. They didn’t just wake up on Saturday and decide to build this little oasis.

After the pallets were ready they laid down a geotextile mat, which I just learned keeps the grass and mud out. They made sure it was set up the way they wanted and then secured the whole thing with steel wire and rods. Putting on the finishing touches much have been the best! Pallet sofas, cushions, umbrellas, flower pots, lighting, and lounge chairs all complete this pool paradise. I love this patio. Are you wanting to try this? Something else pallet-ish? No matter what you’re wanting to do, Old World Garden Farms has some tips on building with pallets. You’ll find them handy no matter what your project! Find them here.

Here’s the link to see the amazing build process and “after” photos…

Diply: Gorgeous Poolside Patio Built From Discarded Wooden Pallets (photos)