Beauty Hacks

6 Beauty Product Hacks For When You Run Out Of The Essentials

Beauty Hacks

I love these hacks with my whole heart! I am going to save them to my beauty arsenal and I know that they are going to come in handy someday. These are crazy brilliant! I had no idea that perfume could take off nail polish; did you? For that and other wonderful hacks check out the video! Swoon.

I use the lotion trick all the time! I can swear by the cornstarch dry shampoo too. Messy but effective. If you have dark hair, try adding some coco powder to get it to match your shade. (Worked for me!) Beauty hack win. I love the coconut oil for split end too. It’s always good to have around. I use coconut oil all the time! Even though it is a pain to clean after, try putting some in your next bath. Your skin will never be smoother!

These hacks are wonderful to have on hand in a pinch. Another thing that’s good to know is how to make your own beauty products (perfect for when you run out of it you are just looking to go all natural). Wellness Mama can help with that. There is everything from sunscreen to mascara. Check it out here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!