Bacon Burgers

How To Make A Beer Can Bacon Burger

Bacon Burgers

Hummm. What are ‘beer can bacon burgers?’ Besides a delicious sounding meal they are a burger that is shaped around a beer can (or any beverage of your choice). They are then filled with your favorite delicious grilled goodies, topped with cheese, drizzled with bbq or hot sauce, and grilled for one hour at 345. Yum. You can personalize these burgers however you like! Mine would have garlic, onions, and peppers. I think I would make my burgers a little smaller…those are huge!

Just watching the video made my tummy growl. Seeing that summer is coming up, grilling season is here, and people are hungry…I’m so going to make these! I know I say that a lot but when it comes to bacon it’s true. I’m thinking 4th of July! Fire works and bacon (and beer). What could be more American?

Try and remember this during summer season: don’t eat all the burgers by yourself. All is not lost and don’t stress if you slip off the portion control wagon and go ‘hog wild.’ They are some amazingly delicious detox and weight loss drinks out there to help get you back on track. Skinnyms has 7 of them.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!