Give Her The Best Princess Party Ever


If you have a daughter, these DIYs are a must watch! The ladies from What’s Up Moms have put together a video that will help you throw the perfect princess party; it will be something right out of the Disney movies and fairy tale stories. (p.s. – no special material or magical powers required! Only crafting supplies!)

Every little girl goes through a princess phase. One of my adorable neighbors is always pretending to be a ‘unicorn princess.’ She is covered in pink tulle and and will never be seen without her unicorn bike helmet. Lol. I went through a pink royalty phase too. It would have been helpful if my mom had known a few of these DIYs at the time. Lol.

The princess hair headband is so clever! The Rapunzel braid couldn’t be easier to make and it will make the little girls happy. It would be fun to make a braid or two in red (Ariel) or white (Elsa). The crowns have to be my favorite! They look so fancy and professional! Now that you have your costumes. Here are some princess themed treats! Have fun planning your next party.