Make The Best Turkey of Your Life With These Tips


I am afraid of the Thanksgiving turkey. It is the main dish and if you ruin it, you ruin the whole meal. I did that once many, many, many years ago and have been terrified ever since. I’ve even had horrid nightmares. Last year the turkey was perfect. I was so proud of myself. I brined it to perfection. This year I might try something else.

The secret to the perfect turkey? It must be fully thawed. (And that can take a while. More than a day sometimes.) The other secret? Watch this video from Chowhound to learn how to cook and season it to perfection. Yum! (Guess what? This recipe calls for a lot of butter!) Martha Stewart has a fabulous brining recipe. I can’t find the one that I used last year but this one looks just as good. And very similar.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!