The Big Outdoors Tiny House by Tiny Heirloom

This tiny home proves that not all tiny homes need to be tiny. This impressive home is an absolute must see. It features a beautiful kitchen area on the ground floor as well as a shower and living area.

This tiny home also features a fireplace, which is hard to find in a tiny home. Many tiny homes do not have the room for that but this one does and so much more! Because of its amazing features it was featured on the HGTV show ‘Tiny Luxury’ and went viral after the appearance.

This home actually has two loft bedrooms. One of them features a full size TV and the other has plenty of natural light. And with wheels, this home is portable and can be taken anywhere. There are also many space-saving features like fold out tables, hidden cabinets, and plenty of shelves. It even has a full size oven.

This home is anything but tiny…

Photos via Tiny Heirloom


The first level has a kitchen and living area


And the second floor has a loft bedroom



The bedroom has a full size TV


And there is an additional loft on the other side of the house




There is even a fireplace on the first floor


With a lounge area near by


And there is a full size shower right around the corner


The kitchen table folds out to help save space


This beautiful home was featured on the show ‘Tiny Luxury’


This home proves that tiny homes can be high end


And the best part? It can be moved anywhere!

More photos of this exact build: – Big Outdoors

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