How To Get Big Spiral Curls Without Using Any Heat


There are lots of ways to to curl your hair. I give my straighter than straight hair some ‘oomph’ by using a curling iron. There are a lot of no heat options out there too but they don’t tend to work for me. My mom used rag curls when I was little and my hair looked amazing. I’ve never quite been able to pull it off my own. I am willing to give this method a go though. Don’t you think it looks amazing?! Not to mention easy.

What do you need to get these delightful and sensious curves? Not much. Gather up a texturizer, a comb, and some bobby pins. I have all of those things already! Be careful the first time to try this. Lol. You don’t want to have a massive fail on your hands. These people know what I’m talking about. Sooo funny!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!